12th Georgia Company F

Northboro.MA, MA

12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment AUTHENTICITY Co. F, 12th Ga. Vol. Infantry should strive for a high level of authenticity and period correctness. While not quite stitch counters, we are constantly seeking improvement in our knowledge of the time and people we are trying to represent. 1860's etiquette for both military and civilians will be observed at all times in camp. FAMILY PARTICIPATION We encourage soldiers to bring their families with them and have them participate in events, making sure of course they can provide adequate shelter. Soldiers may have their civilian wives, children, significant others, etc., camp on the Company Street. Single female civilians are welcome to camp on the Company Street or on Headquarters Row, wherever they feel most comfortable. It is our intention to keep the hobby fun and accessible to all. Proper dress and insurance are mandated for individuals if they wish to stay in camp. We have a civilian camp called Unity for civilians to join if they so wish. This may also be a viable option for an individual or other family member MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS embership in the 12th Georgia Infantry is open to all persons. New recruits are given one year in which to equip themselves with uniform, accoutrements, and rifle-musket; being allowed to borrow from available Company gear during their first year if available. There is a three-event/muster trial period for all prospective new members. DUES AND INSURANCE In order to take the field as a participant, a member that is 16 to 17 years of age must be escorted by a parent or legal guardian, have written permission from the parent or legal guardian, and carry the proper insurance. If younger, he or she may participate in non-combatant activities if a parent or legal guardian is present and the proper insurance is carried at all times. To take the field unescorted, a member must be 18 years of age or older and carry the proper insurance. Single membership dues and insurance will be $30 yearly, plus $8 per child, payable by January 31st. If a single adult member joins mid-season, the cost is $2.50 for each remaining month in the calendar year. Make all payments payable to the 12th Georgia.

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Northboro.MA, MA



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