1st Battalion of New Jersey Volunteers

Philadelphia, PA

Based in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the modern 1NJV reenactment unit currently consists of 25 soldiers, musicians, and camp followers. Our goal is to give the best performance we can, while having a great time. Led by Major John Naulty, we often call ourselves Naulty's Raiders, and have adopted "Gary Owen" as our Regimental Song in coherence with the villainous reputation that the group to which we reenact had built. Why would we want to be the bad guys? Well, it takes two sides to have a battle, and the precision and tactical dominance of the British style of line warfare caught our interest. What makes us stay? Quality leadership and a positive environment with great people that are eager to teach, learn, and help are big reasons. Reality that takes you far beyond what any video game can offer is another. We have worked hard to make 1NJV one of the most accessible groups in our hobby to newcomers. 1NJV gladly accepts men and women of all races to try out fighting and camp life in the 18th century way. 1NJV participates in 10-15 events per year. Most of these events are in our local Philadelphia-New Jersey area. Every year there are special large events with thousands of soldiers that sometimes require some traveling if you wish to attend. There is a small annual fee for membership and insurance. Annual Dues: $10 Campfollower or Drummer $20 Private $25 Corporal $50 Sergeant $30 Ensign $35 Lieutenant $40 Captain $50 Major ***Entire Family Fees will not exceed $50.

Member Status : Member since 2008

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Philadelphia, PA



Major John Naulty


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