Shasta Sky Sailors

Penryn, CA

Over three decades ago the desire to consume every foot of "vertical descent" that could be found was in full swing in Shasta County, California. A small group of pilots, barely 20 years old, were spending every weekend scrambling around Northern California to find anyplace we could to launch our "state-of-the-art" Dacron and aluminum Eipper-Formance and Seagull Aircraft Rogallos. We were the Shasta Sky Sailors and we were all addicted to the new sport of hang gliding and the incredible freedom it provided. Flying sites like Big Valley Ridge, Black Butte, Haystack, Herd Peak, French Gulch, Shasta Bally, Burney Mountain, Badger Mountain, Bear Mountain, Hat Creek Rim and a host of other scary one-timers were pioneered by eager Sky Sailors who had only one thing in mind; get airborne. These sites became our weekend menu and none of us wanted to miss a single meal. In those days we didn't gauge flights by the number of miles we flew or who got the highest&it was all about flying like a bird and the glorious and sometimes death defying, 360 degree turn. Life was more than good, and despite having to learn to run with a "Sears swing seat" strapped tightly to our derri'res, we were all thrilled to live at a time when the dream of bird-like flight had become a reality. Three of our current club members lived and thrived during those early days and helped pioneer Hat Creek Rim. Visiting pilots, originally very few and far between, have always been welcome at the site. Today, and throughout the last 30-plus years, we've continued to develop the site to accommodate the growing number of recreational pilots who fly here each year. We are extremely proud of our involvement and achievements at the site.


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Penryn, CA



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