Coinshooters of San Diego

San Diego, CA

Coinshooters of San Diego, www.sdcoinshooters.com The Coinshooters of San Diego was founded in 1974 and is one of the oldest Treasure Hunting Clubs in the country. The Coinshooters of San Diego is a non-profit organization that belongs to, and supports, regional and national treasure hunting organizations. The Club participates in regional Treasure Hunting Shows and Competitions. The purpose of the Club is to maintain and support the Club and to further the interest of its members in historical facts and to promote the exchange of information in the finding, collecting and preserving of coins, jewelry, relics and artifacts. To accomplish this, the Club offers the following activities: Monthly Meetings: A monthly meeting is held on the fourth Friday of the month at 6:30 PM. (except November and December) The meeting is held at the San Diego County Office of Education, Room 403, 6401 Linda Vista Road in San Diego. The meeting consists of a business section to discuss club business, raffles and a program of some type presented by a club member or guest speaker pertaining to treasure hunting, collecting, cleaning finds, etc. A Show & Tell section gives everyone a chance to show off or brag about their best finds since the last meeting. Prizes are awarded for five different categories of finds. The Club also has such events as: Ice Cream Socials, Pot Lucks, Bake Sales and Swap Meets as part of the regular meetings. Guests are welcome at the Monthly Meeting. Club Newsletter: The "Digs & Scoops" is published monthly and mailed to all Club Members. It contains a President's Page, Minutes of the last meeting, articles pertaining to treasure hunting or collecting, and information about coming events. Monthly Hunt: The Club sponsors a Monthly Hunt, usually the second weekend of the month, where the members meet at a set time and location. Training and the proper use of metal detecting equipment is available on all Club Hunts. A prize is awarded on each dig for the best find. Guest are invited to the Monthly Hunt, but are not eligible for the Best Find Prize. Mini Hunts: The Club sponsors a Mini Hunt several times a year. A Mini Hunt is competition where we bury coins, prizes, or tokens redeemable for prizes, on a field and the Club Members hunt for them with their metal detectors. Some of the Mini Hunts will include a picnic after the hunt is over. Membership: The Club offers a Family Membership for $30.00 per year that covers immediate family members, under the age of 18, living in the home, plus a one time charge of $5.00 for two name tags. A $2.50 per month charge is prorated for each month up to May, plus the 1st years membership. Single Membership is $20.00 per year, plus a one time charge of $2.50 for a name tag. A $1.50 per month charge is prorated for each month up to May, plus the 1st years membership. Memberships are due May 1st of each year.


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