Concho Valley Trash & Treasure Hunters (CVTTH)

San Angelo, TX

The Concho Valley Trash & Treasure Hunters (CVTTH) were formed on October 21, 2004.

Although our CVTTH membership is small, we continue to attract folks both young & old from throughout Tom Green County and the Concho Valley areas located right here in West Texas. 

This means we are always looking for more new members to join our organization.

Our club members enjoy finding old, interesting, and sometimes valuable items at different sites within the local area and counties.

Also, as a free service to the entire local community and surrounding areas, we assist and help others to find their lost jewelry or any other valuable item.  For example, we were recently notified by the Texas Rangers law enforcement division to assist them in the search and recovery of a weapon used in a murder case.  We also have other personal references for finding and recovering  lost heirlooms, class rings  and other jewelry or valuables  to include local property line boundary markersat no charge to the public!  We take just as much pride and excitement when we return an old lost class ring or wedding band to the rightful owner as we do in finding  old coins or tokens or antique bottles!

CVTTH also supports and participates in other rewarding volunteer events such as the State of Texas


Adopt a Highway cleanup program  as well as the Adopt a Spot program in downtown San Angelo which both are in direct support of keeping Texas clean and beautiful!  In addition, we continue to have great club hunts so every member can come out and enjoy this unique hobby.   Some hunts are even held at old ghost towns where one can look for old bottles, coins and other rusty old relics.  


Member Status : Member since 2016


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San Angelo, TX



Greg Costa


Gregorio Costa (gregoriocosta3rd@gmail.com)

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