Midstate Illinois Bass Anglers

Just outside St. Louis Belleville Illinois area, IL

  Hello fellow anglers, My name is Donnie Gill and I am the current President of the Midstate Illinois Bass Anglers.  The story of our club is very neat to say the least, we have combined the 2 oldest bass clubs in the area. Midstate Bass Anglers Association which was established in 1978 in Belleville Illinois and has always been a Federation Club, just this year joined with the Illinois Bass Anglers Association established in 1969 in Shiloh Illinois to form Midstate Illinois Bass Anglers.  We have and will maintain being a Federation club.  We have monthly meetings, we put on 2 open tournaments on Kinkaid Lake in Murphysboro Illinois in the spring the 2nd saturday in April (the 8th of April 2017), and again on Kinkaid Lake in the fall (September 30th 2017). Check out our tournament schedule on our great website Midstate Illinois Bass Anglers.com.  We are always accepting membership (we need non-boaters as much as boaters).  I became a member of Midstate 14 years ago and have made some of the best friends that i have had in my life, just a bunch of great people. We also I am very proud to say have a lady fisherperson who has joined our club. Well should you be interested in joining our great organization you may contact us through the website or give me a call or text at 618-979-1526 and I would be glad to answer any and all questions.  Hope to hear from you soon. I will leave you with the best advice that I have ever been given in regards to fishing, while fishing with one of the originals of the club I asked what would be the best advice you can give me about fishing, he looked at me with a huge smile on his face and said "keep your hooks sharp and your line in the water young man". I now keep a hook file very close.


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Just outside St. Louis Belleville Illinois area, IL



Donnie Gill



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