Butler County Bassmasters

Butler County Ohio, OH

Butler County Bassmasters is a bass fishing club located in the Southwest Region of Ohio. The club started in 1991 by Danny Schmitz, Jim Couch, and Ernie Schuler and has been going strong for the last 25 years and counting.

Original our club was part of the fishing league known as B.A.S.S. During our club’s participation in B.A.S.S, 2 of our members including one of our founders qualified for the Federation State Team. Ernie Shuler in 1995, and Kern McKee in 2005 and again in 2010.

When the FLW and TBF started a new fishing league in 2011, Butler County Bassmasters left B.A.S.S in favor of the FLW and TBF, and has been members of the FLW TBF ever since.

Butler County Bassmasters is also a club that supports the community.  For the last 25 and counting, Butler County Bassmasers has been sponsoring and assisting the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch. In fact, even though the club wasn’t started until 1991, many of its founding members having been supporting the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch since before Butler County Bassmasters became a club.

Butler County Bassmasters believes in more than just going to an assigned lake and fishing against other members. The Butler County Bassmasters fishing season is decided every year as club. Each year we select our fishing locations and fishing dates usually during our February meeting. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and fishing experience with all members. Finally, it wouldn’t be a fishing club without a fish story or two, and as member of the Butler County Bassmasters, you’re sure to tell one, or hear one.

If you’d like to know more about Butler County Bassmasters, have a fishing question, or you’re interested in becoming a member of the Butler County Bassmasters, visit our website or facebook page to get in touch with us.


Member Status : Member since 2016

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Butler County Ohio, OH



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