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South Georgia & North Florida, GA

You can visit us at www.huntingclublease.com  and join our mailing list. We will contact everyone in our mailing list each time we have a new lease come available. Thanks Dove Fields This field is in Hahira, Ga. about 7 miles north of Valdosta, Ga. We are selling dove field memberships for our private 90 acre dove field. Over 400 doves killed in one hunt alone last year. Last year we only planted 50 acres and consistently saw 500 to 700 birds each hunt. $175.00 per membership. Dove field will be planted in sunflower, dove proso, corn, & millet. We will chop and mow as feed is needed for the birds leaving strips for cover. Power line runs through the center of the field for the entire distance. There is a small pond in the center of the field where the birds like to water. This field has it ALL! Lots of good positions for all. This field is planted strictly as a dove field and is in a major flyway with an excellent history for a lot of birds. If you join one dove field this year it needs to be this one. There is a pecan orchard near the oot this field when the birds are there. We will not gaurantee 2 shoots per week or anything like that. The field has a history of birds being there consistently. For $175 per person, you can't ask for a better price. Regardless of the number of memberships sold, the whole 90 acres will be planted and the field will be shot. We shoot this field every year. I would just like some help covering the cost of planting the field this year. deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 Cory bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 ___ MALLARD DOVE FIELD Thomasville, Ga. We will shoot this field on Saturdays all three phases $700.00 per gun per season bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 Lyle deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 Cory ____ PURVIS FIELD comes with skeet range yearly membership. Jefferson county near Monticello, Fl. We will shoot this field on Saturdays 1st & 2nd phase and then on Wed. & Sat. 3rd phase $600.00 per season per gun bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 Lyle deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 Cory _____ SADDLE CREEK PLANTATION DOVE FIELD Thomasville, Ga. We will shoot this field on Sundays all three phases. $500.00 per gun per season bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 Lyle deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 Cory ____ WALKER FARM DOVE FIELD Crawfordville, Fl. We will shoot this field on Thursday & Sunday all 3 phases. $350.00 per Gun Per Season bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 Lyle deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 Cory  _____ 500 acre Quail Lease memberships S. Georgia We are looking for 6 people to share a Quail lease on 500 acres. Would entertain one person or a group already formed to take the whole thing. There are some wild birds but we are pre releasing birds and feeding all year. We started last year and a lot of the birds we released were still alive at the end of the season. We will be releasing over 2,000 birds on the property this year. We are also going to put a quail surragator on the property and raise wild birds on site. We will have around 50 feeders on the property. We spread the roads with corn, milo, wheat, etc. for the quail year round. We also set traps for varmints on the property. Property is all woods with pines and some small hardwoods. Lots of food plots that will be planted year round for quail. Habitat is very good. Property has been manged by a forester for many years. Property is burnt every year with parcels burnt in a three year cycle. We will be working to improve the quail habitat each year. We have a 10 year lease on the property with the option to renew. There is a small cabin with electricity adjoining the property for overnight stays. There is also a jeep on property with dog boxes installed for use. Very nice Quail Hunting property. I can email you pics. of the property at your request. I can show this property at anytime. $2,500.00 a member per season. Thanks, Lyle Diehl ------ 850-443-0482 bbp@ureach.com  Cory Stalvey ---- 229-563-6131 deer.buster@hotmail.com  _____Our website is www.huntingclublease.com  Thanks, Lyle Diehl bbp@ureach.com  850-443-0482 Cory Stalvey deer.buster@hotmail.com  229-563-6131 _____Continental Pheasant & Chukar Shoots!! We are now offering continental pheasant and chukar shoots. We have a 6 person minimum per shoot. The price is $250 per person. The shoot includes 12 birds per person, lunch for the shooters. We will conduct these shoots in Hahira, Ga. and in Jefferson county, close to Monticello,Fla. The Jefferson county shoot also includes one round of skeet at the skeet range located on the field. If you have never had the chance to enjoy one of these shoots, you better book yours today, this is the most fun you will ever have shooting an upland game bird. Book your shoot today, organize your own group of no less than 6 and no more than 10 people,or just book a date with us and we will add you to a group. Don't hesitate to call,these shoots book FAST and we only have a limited number of birds. Please contact us asap to book your hunt today at the options below. Thanks, Lyle Diehl 850-443-0482 bbp@ureach.com  Cory Stalvey 229-563-6131 deer.buster@hotmail.com  


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South Georgia & North Florida, GA



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