Wilder Quarter Hunting Club

Aliceville, AL

We are composed of conservation minded individuals who value the love of our outdoors and comradship, as well as the hunting experience.  We have 2900 acres with rollover leases of 3 and 5 year increments from private land owners with first rights of refusal. Most experienced hunters agree that property control assurance is the most important aspect of having a stable and successful club. We have over 50 acres of food plots that offer over 30 different choices for hunting. Our membership has been 10 members for several years and this year we went to 11 members due to the cost of seed, fertilizer and diesel fuel. This still keeps the acreage to about 265 acres per member. We are a non profit club and whatever the annual expense comes out to be is divided between the members, of which everyone gets a copy of the financial statement.  

We have been on a management program for 12 years with a 7 point or better rule, with the exception of first time youngsters given th opportunity for a lesser buck. The majority of our hunters take only what most hunters would consider a trophy mount.


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Aliceville, AL


Bill Wesson


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