Cross Walk Hunt Club

Troy, AL

We are a family oriented club, (no drinking, cussin, fussin, etc.) who has members that enjoy good hunting and good fellowship. We do practice QDM, but we try to recruit members that have the same ideas that we do about management, so we don't need alot of rules to manage our club, but rely on our members to use good judgement on taking mature bucks, and harvesting doe. So far that has served us well. We have 27 plots, some shooting houses and tree stands, but not on all of them. We do have a camp about 6 miles from lease that has electricty and water. If you are looking for a club with good hunting without all the hassels of some of the other clubs, this may be the club for you. Check out our link to view some of the bucks we harvested last year. Other than a few that were harvested by kids, the rest were decent bucks. "Cross Walk Hunt Club where memories are made, and God is praised"


Member Status : Member since 2007

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