Douglas County Hunting Association

Douglasville, GA

The Douglas County Hunting Association was founded in 1968 as a hunting club for members of the Shriners and Masons. Back then, as is the case now, the club is oriented toward families. For the cost of a membership, a husband (or wife for that matter) can join the club. That membership entitles both husband and wife and minor children (under 18 & living at home) the opportunity to hunt. We currently lease nearly 7,000 acres of land across the state of Georgia. Most of the tracts of land are readily accessible from Interstate 20. As the story goes, as the population of the state increases, we are forced to lease land in outlying land. Right now the majority is in the Taliaferro, Hancock, Greene county areas. We do however, have significant tracts of land on the west side of the state. These tracts are located in Carroll and Coweta counties. If you would like to preserve hunting as a pastime and be able to pass that on to your children and/or grandchildren I would encourage you to contact us. We will be more than happy to talk to you about our organization. There is nothing that we like to talk about more than hunting and our organization. For more information visit out website at www.douglascountyhunting.com


Member Status : Member since 2008

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Douglasville, GA



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