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Washington County Hunting Club

The Washington County Hunting Club (WCHC) is 12,000 continuous acres of QDM hunting conveniently located just northeast of Sandersville, GA. We are easy to get to from the major interstates I-16 and I-20, the state roads and highways from either interstate are well maintained double and single paved roads that make for quick travel time. The WCHC grounds are triangular in shape and are bordered on the northwest by highway 102, the northeast border is the Ogeechee River, and the southern border is the Sparta-Davisboro road. This area is known as "The Roost", for all the ducks that roost in the area. We have an abundance of Wood ducks, Mergansers, and even some local geese that frequent are club grounds. Our club came into existence in the 1960's and has been managed by a board of directors that are also members of the club since its conception. About five years ago our directors started the QDM program, and with the help of state biologists and expert hunters, have started producing some fantastic trophy bucks. The 12,000 acres is a multi-generation, family owned property that consists of planted pines, hardwood bottoms, and swamp territory, rolling hills and spacious views from hilltops, cutovers, beaver ponds, slews, small creeks and plenty of power lines. There is plenty of long distance shooting sites for those competent enough to reach out on those challenging shots and more than enough open area for those wishing to plant food plots. In addition to some fantastic deer hunting, our club offers wild hog, turkey, predator hunting, and even some great places for duck hunting. The WCHC boasts a magnificent 100 acre spring fed pond for pleasurable fishing activities, a $200 additional fee is required for lake activities. Food Sources include red oaks, white oaks, swamp oaks, water oaks, browse and plenty of wild berries. The surrounding area includes many farms with soy beans, peanuts and corn. With generous bedding grounds, plentiful food sources, and water resources being so abundant the forests are teeming with wildlife. All we need now is you. All interested parties should contact the club president, Lewis Todd at 478-232-1040, or Yonna Boday at 478-397-9611

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