Mill Creek Game Club

Old Shawneetown, IL

Private Gallatin Illinois Hunt Club accepting serious hunters Mill Creek Game Clubs (gallatin County Illinois chapter) offers you the opportunity to choose one of eleven continuious sections that will be exclusive to you during your hunt. Below are Mill Creeks Gallatin Illinois Hunting Club Guidelines and rates This Gallatin Illinois Hunting Club plans to put together a truly managed Whitetail club on 800+ acres in south eastern Illinois in the Gallatin river bottoms. We also offer great hill ground during flooding situations. These hills are loaded with deer that are being pushed from the bottom land when the water is out of it's banks. This club is located right next door to a couple of outfitters "who's names we are not allowed to mention in this note" which is over 12,000 acres of some of the finest managed whitetail property that eastern Illinois has to offer. If you research enough you will find who is in this area! We have been asked not to metion their names. - This private hunting club will consist of 11 continiuous sections, totaling over 800+ acres. - License, deer permit & habitat stamp fees are not included. - License, deer permit, and habitat stamps can be purchased thru the Illinois DNR web site http://www.dnr.state.il.us/index.htm - Each harvested buck must be within the clubs set minimum score range, The minimum score is listed in the minimum score section of our guidelines. Legal Buck Size Gudelines: Archery hunting minimum Buck requirements: - 8 or less points = 130" + - 10 points and above = 140" + Firearm hunting minimum Buck requirements: - 140" + Management buck - To be determined in advance by Club Management - No shot opportunity during your hunt, you get 10% off for the next year. ( one year only, no accumulatable % off) -25% deposit up front to secure your hunt - Turkey Hunt memberships 250.00 per each Illinois season ( limited to six hunters per season) - pick up at local airport (100.00) If you paste the link below you will find a few video links showing deer in the area. All the deer you see in these videos were filmed on Mill Creeks Gallatin County Hunt Club properties. Check out these video links to see for your self what is in the area. http://huntclubservices.net/index.php?topic=406.msg1448;topicseen#new


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Old Shawneetown, IL



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