The Ocala Jeep Club of Florida, Inc.

Ocala, FL

So you want to know a little more about our little organization. Let's start off with a brief history of the Ocala Jeep Club of Florida. Club founders Steve and Tammy Felder had tossed around the idea of a Jeep club for several years before taking that giant leap one night in December 1995. They gathered a handful of Jeepers for the purpose of viewing Christmas light displays around town. From that modest beginning to the present membership of over 100 families and 400 members, this club has become one of the most diverse and active Jeep clubs in Central Florida. It conducts on the average, one official event every month. It could be a trail ride in the forest, a camping trip, a show and shine, a trip to the beach or even an out of state trip. It doesn't matter whether you're taking your Jeep off road for the first time, or if you're a hardcore enthusiast trying out the latest in suspension gizmos, there's something in this club for you. We'd like to make one very important statement about this club. This is a family oriented club. Many clubs make that claim but somehow don't live up to over time. This is not something we take lightly. Most of the members have families that they want to include at all the club events. Safety is our primary concern. Not only yours, but ours as well. We're all adults and we expect everyone to act like one. The formula for success has been simple. Gather some friends and family together, (all of course own a Jeep or two or three) on a Sunday morning, pack a lunch and maybe a bathing suit, throw in the kids and the dog and head out with us for a day of Jeeping. Who knows - you might make a new friend, learn a thing or two about your Jeep, or find that part that you've been searching for. It doesn't matter what Jeep you have. Vehicles range from bone stock to show winners to down-and-dirty Jeeps. Military Jeeps, Jeepsters, Cherokees and Grand Cherokees, full size Chiefs and Wagoneers, and J-trucks are welcome. There's always something for everyone, and every event has provisions for all vehicle types from mild to wild. Two wheel drive Jeeps are welcome, and even work-in-progress project Jeeps are eligible! So next time your in the neighborhood, give us a call to check us out. We'd love to meet you. One final and very important thing we'd like to remind you. Just have fun.


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Ocala, FL



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