Wayne County ATV Club

Wooster, OH

About the Wayne County ATV Club The Group: The Wayne County ATV Club was founded in May of 2004. Currently we have about 70 active members from in and around the Wayne County area.Some members usually ride every weekend, and others ride through the week. We try to have one larger club ride each month April thru Oct. The WCATV club has optional meetings every couple of months. We try to have one "Really Big Ride" at least once a year. The WCATV club is open to anyone who wants to join, both young and old. Our members currently range in age from 5 to 52. We welcome individuals, families, women and men. No matter what type of quad you ride, we welcome you, and invite you to come ride with us. Some members only ride once a year and others ride every weekend. You may wish to check out our message board to get to know some of our members. Our main purpose is to find good people to ride with and places to ride. Our most poplular place of riding is Elson St riding park in Waynesburg. Other popular places include Crows Canyon in Urichsville, and Wellsville, OH.  To find out when we ride the best place to look is on our message board. Our message board is how we coordinate most of the logistics, meeting times and places for our ride. Its also a great place to find up to date information on the places that we ride at. You can also get information by looking at our "Schedule of Events" link on the left hand side of our screen. If at any time you would like additional information you can also contact Daniel DeArment the Wayne County ATV Club president.   For more information contact a club officer below. Club Officers: Position: Name: Phone Number: MSN Group Name: Email Address: President Daniel DeArment 330-347-3013 D89taurus d89taurus@aol.com Vice President Jaime Thomas Unlisted TitanOthomas jthomas@medinaco.org Treasurer Lynette Brown 330-264-5566 Cya103 brown@sssnet.com


Member Status : Member since 2006

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Wooster, OH



Daniel DeArment



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