Abnaki Sno-Riders

Madison, ME

In 1971, Fancis Croteau and friends decided we needed a snow club. They started it an Abnaki Campgrounds for the first meeting place, incorporated, had rules and by-laws to follow. Howard Stewart was the first President, Linwood Buzzell from Anson was Secretary and Treasurer. Anyone was welcome to join. At that time, there weren't many snowmobiles out there. Gradually, as the industry grew, different towns started their own clubs. The state funding would give to each town so that made it more profitable to do that. It still doesn't matter where you are from, you may join any club as an MSA membership with insurance. The purpose of the clubs is to make and maintain the trails. Linwood Buzzell and Robert Dean made our first herringbone drags for themselves to drag behind their own machines. Each year more people would start dragging and more trails were added. After a few years, the clubs paid individuals for gas, oil and drive belts (that helped some). In 1981 Francis sold his campground so we had to find a place for our meetings. Bernard McKenny was President at that time. He got together with Leland Rich and they proposed to build a clubhouse on Rte. 201 land belonging to Leland. It had a drilled well on that lot. The club voted to buld and proceeded to work, there were enough volunteers and money donated to build it completely paid for. Steve Laney was President at that time and everyone enjoyed working for he and his wife Linda. We had suppers to raise money. Finally we found the turkey pie suppers went over the best. The exact dates I do not have, but about then the club bought their own machine (a grizzly I believe). We bought a small machine and sold tickets on it to help pay for it as well as 2 or 3 other ones along the way. They built new drags for each and kept changing the style. Richard Dyer is our main drag builder. He does excellent work!!! Thank you Richard!! About 1990 we decided to make turkey pies to sell for a fund raiser. In 1993 Robert Dean and helpers cooked a ton of turkey for us to make pies. We made and sold 1100 pies that year to pay expenses and help by another machine. The season of 2002 we had accumulated up to 8 machines&the trails were great!!! Every club now seems to have gotten bigger and better machines to drag with so Abnaki voted to buy a Tucker to drag with for the 2003-2004 season, and sold several of our older machines.


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Madison, ME



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