Gardena, CA

Not just a motorcycle crew, but an extended family and while nothing is mandatory you still have a few responsibilities. You will only get from this what you put into it! To ride with us doesn't require anything, but a motorcycle. However to be part of something more meaningful, our family; a bit more is required. Think of it this way&in our blood families we have certain responsibilities, while they may not be required, they must be accepted. Neglecting these responsibilities will cause tension and drama to build in the relationship. If you have children they are expected to get good grades, clean their room, complete their chores, be polite, etc. This also applies to our significant others. While noting is mandatory, if we miss a birthday, anniversary, or special day, you can suddenly find yourself single and alone. Yes, we ride! As well as hold functions that serve to strengthen the bonds of this brotherhood and family. Everything from birthdays, softball and basketball games, bowling tournaments and bar-b-ques, just to name a few. There are many other events that take place and too specific to list. Being part of the Mayhem Street Rider Family is a privilege, an honor that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are many bike clubs and groups to ride with that will be happy to add another member to their list. If you are looking for that club who doesn't care if you come and go as you please, not giving anything back, keep looking because MAYHEM Street Riders isn't the crew for you. What you will gain from this family, will far out weigh anything that you give. There really isn't a way to explain it; it must be experienced first hand. With all that being said if you looking to take you're riding experience to a new level. Look no further than Mayhem Street Riders! "It's how you represent homie. It's not just the name of a cool bike club, are a family homie. Whenever someone needs a hand or is down, the rest of the group comes together to help. Somos Familia! It's up to you if you want to be a part of the family." Ron aka KrazyKlown (1979 - 2006).


Member Status : Member since 2007

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Gardena, CA






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