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Tampa, FL

Seductive Cycles Motorcycle Club (MC) was founded in 2001 by a group of Sport Bike riders who were tired of the illegal sport bike gatherings and unorganized rides and events which were founded on complete disregard to the law. We wanted to go fast, but also be safe. The purpose of Seductive Cycles MC is to promote the image of "Responsible Sport Bikers"; to sanction, schedule, and assist, motorcycle events throughout the Tampa area; to establish policies, rules and procedures to be followed by club members; to sponsor and support positive motorcycle legislation; and to establish and maintain good rapport and image with the citizens of the Tampa Bay area as well as with local and state police. Seductive Cycles MC and its membership are made up of amateur Sport Bike enthusiasts from all walks of life, throughout the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida who have Sport Bikes as a common interest. Sport Biking holds no social, religious, age or ethnic bounds. With a strong common interest there is no young or old, black or white, rich or poor, just people who love to ride and rail their sport bikes. We hope that through Seductive Cycles MC, the Tampa Bay area can have safer, better organized, and more enjoyable events for all Sport Bike enthusiasts. Who are we? We are a group of Tampa area riders that all share a common passion. A passion for sport bikes. As do many of you who are here, viewing this page. Is it the Power? The speed? The control? Maybe the feeling of something so out of control? We can't say for sure...but we know this...It's damn seductive. We do things a little different around here then most clubs or message board websites. We like our passion to come with a little order. So we have a set of road rules we ask our members as well as guests to abide by when on our rides.  As always, everyone is welcome to join us on our rides, as well as our message board. If you're new to riding, or a 20 year veteran, you'll find a ride suitable for you. Make yourself at home Please feel free to explore our website and find out what we're all about. If you're interested in online conversation (motorcycle related and not) check out our message forum and share some of your experiences. Or just BS with the great guys and girls who make up Seductive Cycles NATION.


Member Status : Member since 2007

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Tampa, FL



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